Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 17:  Hostages Released, No Arrests Made

Okay, it’s official. Our government has “kicked the can down the road” to the tune of about three months. Oh, the next debt default is scheduled for about three weeks after that. And they’ve promised to negotiate a real budget deal before December 13. Why am I not confident? Could it be because the orchestrators of this latest debacle all voted against the compromise? Maybe I have my doubts because Paul Ryan, who heads the House Budget Committee and is supposed to play a leading role on the negotiating committee, also voted against the bill. Notice that even Boehner said he was supporting the bill because he didn’t want to use the “tactic” of debt-default. That’s why they’ve scheduled an extra week between the next shutdown and default, I guess. So get ready to repeat all this in mid-January, maybe with a few blizzards thrown in for good measure. Of course, the President and several Senators have promised they won’t let this happen again. “Trust us.” Sure. Everybody will be reasonable from now on. “Honest!” As Richard Paladin (see all those links to my books off to your right) says, “...when someone feels the need to say ‘honest’ to convince you of their sincerity, they’re usually thinking of screwing you royally.” Oh, and to see an example of this new bipartisan spirit of compromise in action, see link below...

Texas Lt. Gov. calls for impeachment courtesy

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