Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 13:  Federal Employees Held Hostage

Amazing that this lunacy has continued for so long.  At least the House Republicans have finally stopped the “piecemeal” approach to reopening the government.  Now they’re just doing nothing.  I liked the “piecemeal” approach because it sounded so much like, “We’re releasing one of the hostages as a show of good faith to convince the authorities that we’ll let the rest go if they give us what we’re demanding.”  Too bad this isn’t simply a hostage stand-off with criminals surrounded in a bank. Then we could just give the loonies in Congress an airplane to flee the country and be rid of them.  Oh, and speaking of Congress, with something like only 11 percent of the population saying they think Congress is doing a good job, you have to wonder:  who are these people who think Congress is doing a good job?  Below is a link to a satire on The Onion that actually hits the mark.

Explanation of who supports Congress from The Onion

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  1. I don't think Congress has done a good job since the worst president ever, FDR. I would hope that they piece meal it 17 trillion is more than absurd. And adding insult to injury is the moron Obama claiming that he will not negotiate at all on anything unless they give him a blank check to add another trillion is ridiculous. I hope they keep it shutdown for if they are not working then they are not destroying anything. I know they want and the Repubs will give in mainly because most people in this country are just plain ignorant. They don't understand all the lies about the default is just that, Lies. If the GOV does not raise the debt ceiling it causes nothing. There is more than enough money brought in each month to pay the bills as mandated by law. The only thing the debt ceiling does is allow the GOV to borrow more money which they don't have. Whatever. Stay shut down. Lastly, I can't wait to for the day that all this comes tumbling down because that is exactly what will happen if the GOV does not reverse the current course. No social security checks, no more welfare checks, of course Obamacare will take care of medicare. I think it is hilarious that all these baby boomers voted for dems and then get the shaft after the fact. LOL