Friday, October 18, 2013

Countdown to the next Shutdown - 90 days
    113 Days to Default

Well, time to sit back, breathe easy and wait for the next crisis. It’s during these less stressful times of Congressional inaction and finger-pointing that we can take a few moments to laugh at lunacy that doesn’t imminently threaten hundreds of thousands of jobs or the world economy. Like Karl Rove writing in the Wall Street Journal that the President deliberately tricked House Redumblicans into shutting down the government as part of some Machiavellian scheme to make them look bad. But if you think Karl lives in a fantasy world (don’t forget he was certain Ohio was going for Romney after all the networks had called it for Obama), check out Mick Mulvaney claiming he opposed the compromise legislation because it included funding for the Lord’s Resistance Army. Yes, Mick, you nailed it; the U.S. is sponsoring Joseph Kony’s child soldiers. Oh, wait, that provision was to support U.S. troops assisting in the effort to hunt down Kony. Well, we can’t expect a Congressman to read AND understand legislation, can we? Links below...

Karl Rove's Lunacy via USA Today

Mulvaney Accuses US of Funding LRA courtesy Huffington Post


  1. I think you should send Richard in and solve the whole thing in a matter of hours ;-)