Saturday, October 19, 2013

Countdown to the Shutdown - 89 days
          112 Days to Default

Hey, rather than focus on lunacy, let’s celebrate something this country has done right. Our National Parks are a remarkable resource and worth every penny of tax that goes to maintaining them. So go visit one while the government’s still open. And for those of you who believe they’d be better managed by State governments or private enterprise, do a little reading and you’ll realize the Federal government stepped in because States and private enterprise were in the process of turning this continent into a moonscape before conservationists (hey, that word’s from the same root as conservative!) persuaded the Feds to intervene. If you get the chance, do something nice for a Park Ranger, too. They don’t get paid a lot and have recently taken abuse from the likes of Congressmen Neugebauer and Issa. Let me add, there’s a very good novel available on Amazon with a Forest Ranger as a central character. It’s called The Killer Trees. (Shameless of me, I know.) Or if you prefer another news item about the lunatic fringe, check the link below...

Fox's Hannity Fabricates News courtesy

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