Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 10: Federal Employees Held Hostage

Well, folks, it looks like the grand plan now is to push the debt-limit off for a few weeks so there’s no pressure to reopen the federal government.  So what else is new; our representatives have been throwing the federal workforce under the bus for years now.  Nice, too, that the plan is to postpone the next debt crisis until the day before Thanksgiving.  What better way to celebrate our day of thanks than by potentially defaulting on the national debt?  But at least the stock market seems pleased by this development.  Anyway, the House Speaker says he just wants to have a “conversation.”  Given the drivel that this would likely produce, I’ve decided to mark the occasion by posting another of my lame poems, “Conversation Piece.”  Go to the sidebar and take a look.

The new debt-limit plan courtesy CNN

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