Approaching the Millenium

I dreamed the Pope met Castro at the Havana airport
            before I saw it on CNN, and in my dream
            His Holiness held out his hand and said, "Comrade Fidel,
            what's up with this three-piece suit? Where's the
            khaki uniform and big cigar, product of the
            people's revolution but still named after the
            last colonial Prime Minister of England?
What's all this talk of trade with
            western business and money-grubbing Americans:
            didn't you read my Encyclical on Capitalism?"

Castro made the V with his left hand and grinned that
            bigger than life smile of his, grasped the Pontiff's right
            firmly, and replied, "The Kingdom of God on Earth will be
            classless, each working in accordance with ability and
            taking in accordance with need, but Saint Lenin will
            sit at the right hand of Marx, causing some to wonder if
            there are elites even in Paradise.
            Yet may I fulfill a lifelong dream and
            ride with you in the Popemobile?"

To which His Holiness answered,


To the great relief of the onlookers
            gathered outside City Lights Bookstore,
            staring at the television through the plate-glass window.

Meanwhile, Brother Loomis of the Mount Zion Baptist Church sat
            watching the whole scene courtesy satellite feed, a
            bag of Orville Reddenbacker in his lap and a
            Miller Genuine Draft balanced on the arm of the sofa,
            marveling at the wonderment of it,
            thanking Jesus for sending such a sign,
            Antichrists face to face before all mankind,
            the Apocalypse surely not far behind,

                        and here in Lynchburg, we're waiting for the rapture.

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